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Anonymous said:
I would just like someone to explain to me how Paul and Linda's love is somehow better or more like "true love" than Ringo and Barbara's or George and Olivia's? Genuinely, because I see those two couples as being equally as powerful and strong as Paul and Linda. The fact that Ringo and George are more private about their feelings/relationships doesn't mean they love their wives any less.

Love is a point of view and as long as you love I believe all of them are equally valid. Not only for the couples that remained married for decades and decades (John/Yoko, Ringo/Barb, George/Livy and Paul/Linda), but also Ringo/Maureen, Pattie/George, John/Cynthia, Paul/Jane and really anything like that. 

I don’t know if that’s what you are asking about but as far as I’m concerned I think it’s a misconception that people just accept one relationship as their one and only. And I don’t mean only with the boys, they do the same to Pattie for example, completely ignoring her relationship with Eric because with George things were “less troubled”. Now I don’t want to defend anything that went wrong in any of those relationships, especially because I wasn’t there and it doesn’t concern me, but I think it’s pure vanity of us to claim that one pairing is better because this and that — as it’s known, the guys had their share of affairs and flings, and if the two (or in Paul’s case, 4 — 3 on John if you count May) women they decided to show publicly as their wives/girlfriends/person with whom they had a serious relationship, I am sure as hell that they had some special place in their hearts that other women didn’t! I don’t know if things happen for a reason or not, but only because things ended up the way they did (divorces, deaths, etc), it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any love there — so yes, in my opinion, all of their relationships were equally valid, and equally beautiful.

And speaking of love, I think it’s rather frustrating the way that love is lacking here in this fandom. You see, even when we discuss love amongst the Beatles, people find a topic there to get bitter and argue about and I think this is uncool. 

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Anonymous said:
"As we were leaving, Paul shook all our hands, and by this time, I was even braver, so I said, 'I'm not used to shaking boys' hands on their birthday' and offered him my cheek. He very gently took my chin, turned my face around, and gave me a beautiful kiss right on the lips. I know it sounds corny, but for about two weeks I washed every part of my face but my lips." -Jannette Carroll, one of the lucky girls who attended Paul's 22nd birthday party

So jealous! OMG.

Thanks for sharing (: -Desi

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