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*A PLACE FOR POSITIVE CONFESSIONS ABOUT THE GIRLS.* We recently changed the blogs rules due to issues and too much hate being sent to the girls. IT IS NOW 100% ONLY POSITIVE CONFESSIONS. If you decide to send hate it will not be posted. So please don't waste your time!

***By "Beatle Girls" we mean their girlfriends, wives, daughters, mothers, female friends, and basically any woman associated with them, not only their lovers!***

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Anonymous said:
Personally I'm glad you posted that confession, since, y'know, being able to post unpopular OPINIONS, is kinda supposed to be the point of a confession blog, and I'm getting tired of people dictating what can and can't be posted just because they don't like hearing what another person has to say.

Is not exactly what you can say or you can’t, is the fact that too many people use the powerful ”anonymous” to be rude and make commentaries out of place, that’s why ‘beatlegirlsconfessions’ decided to change the rules, I think that exist a way to say things in a correct way. We love The Beatles (most of us in this blog) they always talked about peace and love, that’s our ”mantra’


Anonymous said:
Are we really going through that Pattie versus Olivia BS again jfc

Not at all! I don’t think the same. That commentary from the anonymous was just an opinion NEVER WAS RUDE with Olivia or Pattie, I didn’t see any hate or something like this, it’s just that we all think different, this is a place for positive confessions. That’s all.


Anonymous said:
Actually there is a girl in Argentina who makes a tribute to John Lennon and she's the girl version of him. You can look for her in Facebooka as Estefy Lennon. I guess that's what a daughter of his would have looked like =)

Indeed! :D I didn’t know about her!


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