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***By "Beatle Girls" we mean their girlfriends, wives, daughters, mothers, female friends, and basically any woman associated with them, not only their lovers!***

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Anonymous said:
Sorry to talk about this again, I wanna say: I think it is useless to make such a big fuss about comments like if George was happier with Pattie or whatever. Things happened for a reason. Both Pattie and Olivia lived their stories at that time. Both are great people, but they are not perfect or divine. And I am pretty sure they wouldn't be happy knowing people are going all crazy and mad to each other in an attempt to "defend" them. Just enjoy the fandom ;) as simple as that.

Very true! I just hope and wish all these arguments STOP because they are useless and unnecessary If you truly wish to talk about it do it on YOUR blog, not on this one seeing as we don’t allow hate or any type of negative favoritism. Like you said both are lovely ladies. The fights are pointless.

(And yes please stop with the arguments tybye) -Desi

Anonymous said:
WAIT!!! Paul married his own stepdaughter?? WTF with that pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG NO ANON!! LOL. Calm down, that’s not how things were. Heather McCartney (originally See) has never married and she has always considered Paul her dad. He married with Heather Mills, who didn’t have anything to do with the McCartney family until they got married. So then, NO ANON, it’s not the same person. - Paola

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