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*A PLACE FOR POSITIVE CONFESSIONS ABOUT THE GIRLS.* We recently changed the blogs rules due to issues and too much hate being sent to the girls. IT IS NOW 100% ONLY POSITIVE CONFESSIONS. If you decide to send hate it will not be posted. So please don't waste your time!

***By "Beatle Girls" we mean their girlfriends, wives, daughters, mothers, female friends, and basically any woman associated with them, not only their lovers!***

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Anonymous said:
the other Beatle couples, it can come across as most people wishing she hadn't been in the picture or not seeing her relationship w/ George as being as meaningful. Again, not saying that's necessarily anyone's intention, but trying to maybe explain where her fans are coming from with their frustration. The way things like their anniversary & such are generally ignored compared to others is another example. Anyway, thanks for your lovely words about her. :)

Yeah I agree she in under-appreciated. Which I dont understand cause shes honestly such a beautiful woman inside and out! At least we can appreciate that there is indeed a group of people who appreciate her for what she is and what she has done (: -Desi

Anonymous said:
Sorry to mention this (don't want any arguments!), but I just wanna say, it would be nice if there were more confessions about George & Olivia or better yet, Liv by herself. I think the issue w/ the whole Pattie & Olivia thing is that there are a lot less confessions/posts made about Olivia or George/Olivia compared to George/Pattie. Considering she was actually with George for a longer period of time - until the end - it can feel weird and upsetting that she is as ignored as she is, you know?

Well if thats the case I dont see how that is Pattie’s fault..its her fans that send all those confessions not her. Im not blaming you btw, just saying that if people wanna see more Olivia posts then they should send confessions in instead of whining about the attention Pattie gets! (:

Why dont you send a confession about Olivia? That would be lovely, cause I agree with you Olivia deserves so much more recognition! Shes a wonderful woman. ♥ -Desi

lovelyjaneasher said:
Gosh, now I've seen your reply, haha :) This would e the good one :) -- We should share & promote more all what we love than bash what we hate. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, people! Remember the 1960s spririt of love, kindness, brotherhood of people, PEACE!

YES! THIS ^^^ Be positive man…we dont need more negativity around here.


Anonymous said:
I noticed that my confession about Jane and paul disappeared, and I was wondering what rules it broke because I didn't think it was that bad. It was like, "I love jane because she didn't put up with paul when he cheated" I'm not trying to be rude, but maybe I need a better understanding of your rules.

Oh really? I didn’t delete it, not sure if any of the other admins did. 

Oh no HOLD ON I was going through the blog and I found it, HERE. We didn’t delete it after all, you just probably couldn’t find it since it got flooded by other posts. 

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