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Anonymous said:
Is it true that George didn't want John in the Concert For Bangladesh because of Yoko?

George invited John to the Concert of Bangladesh, but John wanted to include as well a segment on it dedicated to Yoko’s “avant-garde” music, so George refused and that’s why John got angry. Thus, he didn’t accept the invitation. And of course, since then, they were not that close for the rest of the 70’s. 
If you ask me, I think it was a little unfair that John did this. Maybe George wanted it to be like a “pals” thing and that was why Yoko was not included (also, if you ask me, I think Yoko’s style would have not quite fit into the concept of the concert). - Paola

Anonymous said:
They compare because Krissy Wood has said she felt intimidated by Pattie and didn't like the way she was hanging around her husband. Krissy and George were mostly together because of Pattie and Ronnie's affair. The point is, it was cold of Pattie to do to someone else what was done to her when that someone else can't be defended. Mo's whole identity now is being the wife who slept with George for no reason while Ringo was a victim. She didn't deserve that.

I’m sorry but I still disagree. If we are going for comments, Pattie was also devastated. I have nothing against Krissy, though, as it was literally a wife-swapping in which the both wives got heartbroken and the husbands seemingly didn’t.

Anyhow, I am willing to debate this (in a friendly, respectful and educated way) on my blog if you feel like it! (http://impattieboyd.tumblr.com/) But I will prevent from discussing this here because it can stir things up here and we don’t want that in this blog.. - Edie

Anonymous said:
so it's not okay to post "i don't like pattie" but it's okay to post "john only married cynthia cause she was pregnant"? i like your blog guys but sometimes i just don't understand you.

It’s kinda hard for us sometimes to assess what should be posted and what should be deleted, even after we made the rules more specific: It’s too subjective. Sometimes people don’t mean to say something in a negative way but it wounds up sounding so, the other way around as well.

That being said, I also need to point that there isn’t just one person who’s ministering this blog and we might have a different understanding on what is insulting and what is not. 

I do agree with you that something like that doesn’t sound good and it should not be posted, but at the same time, the “confesser” sounded like they liked Cynthia so maybe this is why the admin who posted the confession decided not to delete it. It’s not our fault, we are trying our best but it’s not always too clear when a message is being hateful.

PS: You are allowed to say you don’t like Pattie (or any girl for that matter) as long as you do not disrespect any of them. - Edie

Anonymous said:
(cont) All I'm saying is, if someone like Ronnie Wood's wife decided to write a book and she said what a bitch Pattie was for sleeping with her husband without giving ANY back story, all the Pattie fans would be up-in-arms to defend her. Maureen didn't get the chance to explain and she never will, so nobody cares - they're happy to take Pattie's word on things. I just think since Pattie had to go through life being seen as a slut, she should've thought about how now Maureen is seen that way.


I personally don’t agree with that and I can scarcely see how the two situations compare (as Krissy was sleeping with George as well) but I respect that you think differently. - Edie

Anonymous said:
Someone who commented on my confession missed the point, so I'd just like to explain. 1. Pattie was already sneaking around with Eric & Ronnie so she isn't really in a position to take the moral high ground 2. People here are always defending Pattie's actions, saying people make mistakes. They hate the fact that she's attacked for having an affair with George's best friend b/c people didn't know her reasons. Well, Pattie put Mo in that same position for a mistake she made 40 yrs ago. (cont)


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