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Anonymous said:
I agree with you tbh. The trouble with a lot of these rumours is that, particularly in John and George's case, you're going completely on the word of somebody who could easily be exploiting them for attention/money. it's happened so often that I rarely find these people trustworthy.

That’s exactly what I think too. I mean who know she could be telling the truth, but then again she also could be making things up for attention/money. You never know….not unless they (The Beatles) admit to it. -Desi

Anonymous said:
The story about John is true. He was cheating on Cynthia with a girl named Patricia Inder and told her he'd leave Cyn for her.

Ah yes Ive read about that. I feel like Patricia made things up to get attention but then again I might be being biased cause I love Cynthia….but I still wouldn’t be surprised if half of Patricia’s story was made up for attention. Plus I dont think John would have left Cyn. He said that to pretty much all the girls he had affairs with but he didnt leave her (not until Yoko came along, anyway). -Desi

Anonymous said:
Hey, I just saw a confession about John almost leaving Cyn for someone else but he stayed behind because Cyn got pregnant. Is this true and if so who was the other woman?

Im not sure if thats true….there are hundreds rumors about them flying around, that could be one of them. Only he would know if its true of not :s -Desi

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